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Scene 9
Tomorrow's Already the Tenth
Dude's Home
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Dude, this is Smokey. Look, I don't wanna be a hard-on about this, and I know it wasn't your fault, but I just thought it was fair to tell you that Gilbert and I will be submitting this to the League and asking them to set aside the round, I don't know, or maybe, forfeit it to us--so, like I say, just thought, you know, fair warning. Tell Walter. I'm sorry.
Mr. Lebowski, this is Brandt at, uh, well--at Mr. Lebowski's office. Please call us as soon as is convenient.
Mr. Lebowski, this is Bell Salnicker with the Southern Cal Bowling League, and I just got a, an informal report, that a member of your team, uh, Walter Sobchak, drew a firearm during league play. If this is true of course, it contravenes a number of the league's by-laws, and article 27of the league...
Hey Marty.
Dude, I, I finally, I got the uh, venue I wanted. Uh, I'm Performing my dance quintet--you know, my cycle--at Crane Jackson's Fountain Street Theatre on Tuesday night, and well I'd love it if you came and gave me notes.
I'll be there man.
Uh, Dude, uh, tomorrow's already the tenth.
Far out. Oh, oh, alright, okay.
Just, uh, just slip the rent under my door.
--serious infraction, and examine your standing. Thank you. Beep.
Mr. Lebowski, Brandt again. Please do call us as soon as you get in and I'll send the limo. I hope you're not avoiding this call because of the rug, ha ha, which,I assure you, is not a problem. We need your help and, uh--well we would very much like to see you. Thank you. It's Brandt.