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Scene 4
Not Literally His Children
Lebowski Mansion
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This is the study. As you can see the various commendations, awards,
Jeffery Lebowski...
citations, honorary degrees, et cetera.
Hmm, very impressive.
Please, feel free to inspect them.
Hum? Oh, I'm not that-- really, uh.
Oh, Please! Please!
That's the key to the city of Pasadena, which Mr. Lebowski received two years ago in recognition of his various civic, uh... Oh,That's a Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Business Achiever award, which is given--oh not necessarily given every year!
Hey, is this uh..?
Given only when there's a worthy,
is this ...?
Is this him with Nancy?
Yes indeed, that is Mr. Lebowski with the first lady, yes. It was taken when Mrs. Reagan--
That's uh, Lebowski on the left there?
Yeah Of course, Mr. Lebowski on the left...
So he's a crip...you know a, a...
uh, ahmmm...
Handicapped, kinda guy?
Mr. Lebowski is disabled, yes. This picture was taken when Mrs. Reagan was first lady of the nation, yes, yes? Not of California.
In fact he met privately with the President, though unfortunately there wasn't time for a photo opportunity.
Oh, Nancy's pretty good.
Oh, Wonderful woman. We were very happy to--
Uh...these are, uh?
Uh those are Mr. Lebowski's children, so to speak--
Different mothers, huh?
No, they're not--
So, racially he's pretty cool--
Aha ha ha uh, they're not literally his children; they're the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, inner-city children of promise but without the necessary means for a necessary means, for a higher education, so Mr. Lebowski has committed to sending all of them to college. Excuse me. Thank you, thank you.
Far out. Think he's got room for one more?
One uh--oh! Heh heh. You never went to college.
Please, uh, don't touch that.
Oh yeah, yeah, no I did, but uh, You knowI spent most of my time uh, occupying various, administration buildings uh--
Um Hmmm.
--smoking a lot of thai-stick, breaking into the ROTC--
AHa hahahahahaha Yes, --
--and bowling. I'll tell you the truth, Brandt, I don't remember most of it.