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Scene 33
Like an Irish Monk?
Dude's Home
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Get out of that fucking car man. Get out of that fucking car! Get the fuck out of the car man! Get out of the fuckin--
Who the fuck are you, man!?
Easy man, relax, man! No physical harm intended!
Who the fuck are you?
Ok man, I'm ok.
Why are you following me around? Come on, fuckhead!
Hey, relax man, I'm a brother shamus.
Brother Shamus? Like an Irish monk?
What the fuck are you talking about? My name's Da Fino! I'm a private snoop! Like you, man!
A dick, man! And let me tell you something: I dig your work. Playing one side against the other--in bed with everybody--fabulous stuff, man.
I'm not-- fuck it man, just stay away from my fucking lady friend.
Hey hey, I'm not messing with your special lady.
She's not my special lady, she's my fucking lady friend. I'm just helping her conceive, man!
Hey, man, I'm not--uh
Who're you working for? Lebowski? Uh, Jackie Treehorn?
The Knudsens.
The? Who who, who the fuck are the Knudsens?
The Knudsens. It's a wandering daughter job. Bunny Lebowski, man. Her real name is Fawn Knudsen. Her parents want her back.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Crazy, huh? Ran away about a year ago. The Knudsens told me I should show her this when I found her. It's the family farm. It's outside of Moorhead, Minnesota. They think it'll make her homesick.
Oh boy. How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm once they've seen Karl Hungus. She's been kidnapped, Da Fino.
Oh man, that's terrible.
Oh I don't know, maybe not, but she's definitely not around.
Hey, uh, phfff, maybe you and me could pool our resources--trade information--uh, professional courtesy--
compeers, you know what I mean.
Yeah yeah, I get it. Fuck off, Da Fino. And stay away from my special--from my fucking lady friend man.