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Scene 31
Speed of Sound Tour
Dude's Home
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Love me.
Uh, that's my robe.
Tell me a about yourself, Jeffrey.
Well, not much to tell.
I uh, I was, uh, one of the authors of the Port Huron Statement.-- Uh the original Port Huron Statement.
Not the compromised second draft. Uh, and then I, uh...ummm, ever hear of the Seattle Seven?
That was me...and uh, uh, six other guys. Uhh, And then uh...the music business briefly.
Yeah. Roadie for Metallica.
Speed of Sound Tour.
Mmm hmmm.
Bunch of assholes. And then, uh, you know, a little of this, a little of that. Uh, my career's, slowed down a little lately.
What do you do for, for recreation?
Oh, the usual. Bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.
What happened to your house?
Oh, Jackie Treehorn trashed the place. He thought I had your father's money, he got me out of the way while he looked for it. Cocktail?
No thanks. It's not my father's money, it's the Foundation's. Why did he think you have it? And who does?
Oh, Larry Sellers, this high-school kid. Real fucking brat.
Ya Know, this is a very complicated case,Maude. Lotta ins, lotta outs. Uh, ya know. Fortunately I'm adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug uh, regimen to keep my mind, you know, uh limber ya know. I'm very fucking close to your father's money.
I keep telling you, it's the Foundation's money. Father doesn't have any.
Ummph, What are you talking about? He's fucking loaded.
No no, the wealth was all Mother's.
Waa--he runs stuff, uh, you know--
We did let him run one of the companies, briefly, but he didn't do very well at it.
Ah...he's uh, you know.
No. He helps administer the charities now, and I give him a reasonable allowance. He has no money of his own. I know how he likes to present himself; Father's weakness is vanity. Hence the slut.
Uh. Do you think he uh,--what is that yoga?
It increases the chances of conception.
Well yes, what did you think this was all about? Fun and games? I want a child.
Okay, Yeah, okay but let me, let me explain something about the Dude--
Look, Jeffrey, I don't want a partner. In fact I don't want the father to be someone I have to see socially, or who'll have any interest in raising the child himself.
So...that doctor uh.
Exactly. Now what happened to your face? Did Jackie Treehorn do that as well?
No, uhhh, It was the Chief of police of Malibu. A real reactionary...So your father...Oh yeah, I get it! Yeah, Yeah!
Oh man, my thinking about this case had become very uptight. Yeah. Your father--
Jeffery! What're you talking about?