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Scene 23
A Lot of Ins, a Lot of Outs
Maude's Home
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So you're Lebowski?
Maudie's told me all about you. She'll be back in a minute, sit down. Do you want a drink?
Yeah, sure, White Russian.
The bar's over there.
So what do you do Lebowski?
Who the fuck are you man?
Just a friend of Maudie's.
Yeah? The friend with the cleft asshole?
Whadda you do?
Oh, nothing much.
Hello Jeffery.
Uh, yeah. How are you? Uh, listen Maude, I've got to uh--tender my resignation or what ever, because uh, looks like your mother really was kidnapped after all.
She most certainly was not!
Hey man, why don't you fucking listen occasionally? You might learn something. Now I got--
And please don't call her my mother.
She is most definitely the perpetrator and not the victim.
I'm telling you, I got pretty definitive evidence--
From who?
From the main guy, Uli.
Uli Kunkel? Her co-star in the beaver picture?
Beav-? You mean vagina? I mean, you know the guy?
I might have introduced them for all I know
Do you remember Uli?
He's a musician, he used to have a group, 'Autobahn'. Look in my LPs. They released one album in the late seventies. Their music is a sort of, ugh, techno-pop...
So he's pretending to be the abductor?
Look, Jeffrey, you don't really kidnap someone you're acquainted with. The whole idea is that the hostage can't be able to identify you, after you've let them go.
Well I...know that.
What the fuck is with this guy? Who is he?
Knox Harrington, the video artist.
So Uli has the money?
Well uh, no, not exactly. Uh, uh uh, This is a very complicated case, Maude. You know a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what-have-yous. And uh, lot of strands to keep in my head, man. Lot of strands in old Duder's head.
Well if Uli doesn't have it, then who does?
It's Sandro, about Biennale.
Uh, look, I have to take this
Do you still have that doctor's number?
Huh? No, really, It's not even, not even bruised anymore
Oh please Jeffrey. I don't want to be responsible for any delayed after-effects.
Diga me Sandro. Si.
After effects?
Si. Si! Que ridiculo!