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Scene 21
They Got Us Working in Shifts
Police Impound
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It was discovered last night in Van Nuys,uh lodged against an abutment.
Oh man, lodged where!!
You're lucky she didn't chopped, Mr. Lebowski.
Oohh Mannn!
Must've been a joyride situation. They abandoned the vehicle once they hit the retaining wall.
Aww! Jesus--what's that smell, man?
Uh, yeah. Its ah, probably a vagrant, slept in the car. Or maybe just used it as a toilet, and moved on.
Hey man, are you gonna find these guys? Or, you know uh, I mean, do you got any promising uh, uh, leads? Or--
Leads, yeah sure. I'll uh, just check with the boys down at the Crime Lab. They uh, got uh, four more detectives working on the case. They've got us working in shifts.