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Scene 15
Separate Incidents?
Dude's Home
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Uh, yeah, uh, Green. Some uh, brown, uh or, rust, coloration.
And was there anything of value in the car?
Oh uh, yeah. Uh, a tape deck. Some Creedence tapes. And there was a, uh...uh my briefcase.
In the briefcase?
Uh, uh Papers. Ya know, just papers. Uh you know, my papers. Business papers.
And what do you do, sir?
I'm unemployed.
My rug was also stolen.
Your rug was in the car.
No. Here.
Separate incidents?
You find them much? Uh these stolen cars?
Sometimes. I wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck though.
Or the Creedence.
Well what about uhhhhhh, the briefcase?
Mr. Lebowski, I'd like to see you. Call when you get home and I'll send a car for you. My name is Maude Lebowski. I'm the one who took your rug.
Well, I guess we can close the file on that one.