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Jeffrey Lebowski
the dude
his dudeness
el duderino
Scene 2: Ever Thus to Deadbeats
Scene 3: That's Your Name, Dude
Scene 4: Not Literally His Children
Scene 5: I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowksi
Scene 6: Blow On Them
Scene 7: Over the Line
Scene 8: Calmer Than You Are
Scene 9: Tomorrow's Already the Tenth
Scene 10: That's a Bummer, Man
Scene 11: Dios Mio, Man
Scene 12: Her Life is In Your Hands
Scene 13: Let's Take That Hill
Scene 14: Shomer Fucking Shabbas
Scene 15: Separate Incidents?
Scene 16: The Story is Ludicrous
Scene 17: I Got a Rash
Scene 18: The Royal We
Scene 19: Forget About the Fucking Toe
Scene 20: Nice Marmot
Scene 21: They Got Us Working in Shifts
Scene 22: I Need My Fucking Johnson
Scene 23: A Lot of Ins, a Lot of Outs
Scene 24: She Hit Me Right Here
Scene 25: Bulk of the Series
Scene 26: Is This Your Homework?
Scene 27: You're Not Dealing With Morons
Scene 28: Did the Pope Shit in the Woods
Scene 29: Fucking Fascist
Scene 30: I Hate the Fucking Eagles
Scene 31: Speed of Sound Tour
Scene 32: Erev Shabbas
Scene 33: Like an Irish Monk?
Scene 35: From Moses to Sandy Koufax
Scene 36: I'm a Fucking Veteran
Scene 37: Bush League Psycheout Stuff
Scene 38: They Killed My Fucking Car
Scene 40: Goodnight, Sweet Prince
Scene 41: The Dude Abides
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